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A Dog Training Tip

Your dog will become better behaved after learning the leave it command. Use it to stop him from doing something undesirable, such as digging or chewing. It works well when you need a quick stop order.

img2   Puppies Do Get Big Eventually

Ever wonder how long it will take your cute, bouncy little puppy to reach maturity? Although individuals may vary a bit, the following are reliable indicators of how many months it will take for your puppy to reach his/her adult weight:

*  Small-breed puppies reach adult weight at 9-12 months

*  Keep my bowl filled with fresh, cool water, changed often each day.

*  Feed me good quality food, formulated to provide me the best ingredients for a healthy life. DSC00137

*  Groom me at least three times a week to make me proud to look good for you.

*  Play with me a few minutes every day to keep me from boredom and mischief.

*  Exercise me daily, either with a brisk 15-minute walk or a game of fetch.

*  Brush up on my training with frequent 10-minute sessions to keep me mentally sharp.

*  Make sure I visit my veterinarian twice a year and whenever I have a health problem.

*  Keep my nails trimmed and my ears clean with regular examination.

*  Take me for car rides as often as possible; I really love them a lot, but don't let me ride with my head out the window cause that risks eye and ear injuries.

*  Please pet me often to show you really love me. I'll return that love and affection tenfold.

img2  Dogs for Cliff (Apartment) Dwellers