About Us John R. Falk -- Short Bio

John R. Falk’s Credentials:

His numerous magazine articles on gun dogs, shooting, hunting and fishing subjects have appeared in SPORTS AFIELD, FIELD & STREAM, NORTH AMERICAN HUNTER, MECHANICS ILLUSTRATED, DUCKS UNLIMITED and AMERICAN SPORTSMAN among others. 

He served for 11 years as Gun Dog editor of GUNS & HUNTING Magazine, for nine years in similar capacity for THE AMERICAN SHOT GUNNER Magazine and for 10 years as Gun Dog Editor of SHOOTING SPORTSMAN Magazine. 

Former Public Relations manager of Olin Corporation's Winchester Division, he has hunted extensively in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central and South America, as well as in Italy. 

He lives in South Salem, NY with his wife, and he has one son. As long as can be recalled, the Falk household has never been dogless, and, in fact, has always served as home to multiple canine family members. These have included English Setters, Salukis, an English Springer Spaniel and a German short haired pointer.

John has authored four books on dogs, shown on the right side of the page. Click any of the images for more information.

Don't You Hate It When Someone Refers To Himself In The Third Person? Still It’s Better Than The Editorial “We” Or A Constant Stream Of “I’s”  -- John R Falk